Kundalini Yoga Cambodia

    Outreach Activities

    In line with our aim and purpose, in 2009, the Kundalini Yoga Cambodia team has been
    able to involve in a number of outreach activities. Through these activities the team
    wants to make Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques available to people who need
    mental and physical help but who normally have no access to yoga and meditation
    based support.

    The activities are small scale, and also aim at giving the Cambodian team members the
    opportunity to contribute their teaching skills to the benefit of those groups in Cambodian
    society who are disadvantaged and less prosperous.

    Aziza and Lakeside Schools
    The Kundalini Yoga Cambodia team started yoga and meditation classes at the Aziza School in
    the Tonle Bassac resettlement area in 2007.

    The area was the last part remaining of the degraded apartment buildings close to the
    Russian Embassy which provide a home for over 300 of the poorest families in Phnom Penh.
    The area could be called a slum with many very poor families, and the area is notorious for its
    brothels and the high rate of criminality. In recent years a large part of the area was
    evacuated and demolished to make place for middle and high income housing and
    commercial buildings.
    Although many of the inhabitants have official ownership titles to their property, this was
    either ignored or valued far below the current market value of this area. Some families who
    were removed received (if anything at all) a small financial compensation (a few hundred
    dollars), or a small piece of land at a location 20 to 30 kilometers outside of the city. The last
    parts were removed in the beginning of 2009.

    Similar areas can be found in other parts of Phnom Penh. In 2008 and 2009 in particular low-
    income settlements near the Boeung Kak lake have come under threat.

    The Cambodian Education Project, a small project funded mainly by donations, and mainly
    run with the help of volunteers, sponsors community schools in some of these areas
    providing education and outreach programs to children living in poverty. Activities are
    designed to raise these children’s opportunities for their future through education and
    character building, to provide tools to avoid abuse/exploitation, and time to have fun in a
    safe, caring environment.

    The Kundalini Yoga Cambodia team conducts yoga and meditation classes in these schools.
    The students are between 7 and 20 years old and the classes, with boys and girls mixed, are
    lively events. Sela is the main teacher for these classes.

    Pour Une Sourire d'Enfant
    Since the beginning of 2008 the team has been teaching weekly classes for staff of a support
    and schooling programme for children from families of scavengers on the municipal waste
    dump site. This has grown from very small to caring for 4000 children, from babies to young
    Focusing mainly at stress relief and staff wellbeing in the beginning, the team will now start a
    Pre-Teacher Training course for teachers, so that yoga and meditation techniques can be
    integrated in regular classes and used as tools to relief stress and trauma.

    Vannac is the lead teacher for this activity, together with other team members.

    Wat Opot
    At the end of 2008 the team visited the Wat Opot project located in the compound of a
    village pagoda in the country side south of Phnom Penh.

    The Wat Opot project started in 2000 as a project for the dying. Destitute people:
    individuals, families, single parent households in which one or more members were dying from
    HIV/AIDS were offered a place in a small community, where they could die peacefully, and
    where orphaned children, often also suffering from the virus could stay and be cared for.

    With the introduction of free retroviral drugs the death rate of those affected by HIV/AIDS
    has gone down and as long as this medication is available and regularly taken HIV/AIDS
    affected persons can live a longer and active life. The kids at Wat Opot now will grow up,
    need parentage and education, need to learn to make a living. The Wat Opot project has
    changed into a project for the living.

    The Kundalini Yoga Cambodia project  started yoga and meditation classes at Wat Opot to
    help with stress and trauma release, hoping that some of the kids may be interested to take
    on teaching and serve this small community. The team now conducts monthly classes for
    the children at Wat Opot. The costs of traveling there is met by donations from students
    who visit the classes at The House.

    Rita and Kimhong are the lead teachers for this activity.

    Integrating Yoga and Meditation in Workshops and Group Activities
    The team has been asked to help with enriching a number of workshops and group activities
    with breathing, exercise and meditation activities.

    Focusing on concentration, relaxation, but also on deepening individual and inter-personal
    understanding, the team will participate in particular in workshops and group activities that
    relate to conflict resolution, social and cultural relationships, and capacity and identity building
    for individuals as well as groups.

    The team is also regularly invited to facilitate staff development sessions for programme and
    administrative staff of UN organisations and NGOs.

    For these activities Rita and Kanika are the main resource persons.

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Updated: 23 12 2009
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