Kundalini Yoga Cambodia

    Activities in 2018

              Yoga at the Kundalini Yoga House    (Street 123, No 42)

    Classes are in English and Khmer. Classes with international teachers are in English
    or in English and French
    Basic Class Schedule                                                                    
    Mondays        18:00 PM  Kundalini Yoga Class
    Tuesdays        07:00 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class (on appointment)
                         08:30 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class
                         12.30 PM  Lunch Class (1 hour - on appointment)
                         18:00 PM  Kundalini Yoga Class
    Wednesday    08:30 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class
                         18:00 PM  Kundalini Yoga Class
    Thursdays      07:00 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class (on appointment)
                         08:30 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class
                         12.30 PM  Lunch Class (1 hour - on appointment)
                         18:00 PM  Kundalini Yoga class
    Fridays           18:00 PM  Kundalini Yoga Class
    Saturdays      10:30 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class
    Sundays,        08:30 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class
                         10:30 AM  Kundalini Yoga Class

    For additional classes and events, please see the monthly schedule
    Fee: 4 USD for Cambodians, 9 USD for foreigners.

    Teacher Training
    to be confirmed:    'Teacher Training'  - full days
     After Sadhana, the day continues with asana practice and discussion of
     topics from the Aquarian Teacher Level 1 Teacher Certification Course for
     registered students as well as visitors. In three weeks, with additional
     assignments and homework in between, all topics will be covered.

     For more information about the Teacher Training   Click here

    Visitor Fee per session: 25 USD for Cambodians, 40 USD for foreigners.

    on appointment:     'Basic Teacher Training' - ask for the latest course information
      A special programme for Cambodians to learn the basics of Kundalini Yoga and
      to start teaching in the own communities and organisations.
    Fee: 6 USD for registered Cambodians. Visitor Fee: 8 USD for Cambodians

    All classes (except Teacher Training classes) take 80-95 minutes and include: Breathing, Exercise,
    Mantra, Relaxation and Meditation.

    Classes are in English with Khmer translation unless marked as ‘Class in Khmer’.

    Days and times may change.

    Also available:
    - Individual and private yoga and meditation sessions
    - Yoga for back and neck problems
    - Reiki and Energy Healing
    - Healing Meditation
    - Counseling and Lifestyle Guidance

    Fee upon request.

Updated: 25-11-2019
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    Fee:  4 USD for Cambodians, 9 USD for foreigners.
          10-class pass: 30 USD for Cambodians.
                              70 USD for foreigners.
          Sadhana and classes in Khmer by donation. Activities marked with * are free of charge.
          Refreshments by donation.
          Student and volunteer rates upon request.

    Membership of 'The Kundalini Yoga Cambodia Programme'
    Per month minimum 48 USD (Cambodians), 108 USD (Foreigners)
    Per 6-months: 240 USD and 540 USD. Per year: 269 USD and 999 USD.                  

    Members and sponsors have free access to all classes and events on the regular programme.
    6-months and 12-months members receive 50% discount on half day events and all
    Kundalini Yoga Cambodia retreats.
    KYCTA members receive 50% discount and all classes, half day events and Kundalini Yoga
    Cambodia retreats.