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Created: 25 02 2007
Updated:​​ 08 01 2020

    Welcome ...
                            to the website of the Kundalini Yoga Programme in Cambodia.
    We hope you will find the site helpful, and we look forward to seeing you at the
    Kundalini Yoga House!

                                                                          Notice Board  (updated 8 January 2020)

    The Kundalini Yoga programme in
    Cambodia was started to make yoga
    and meditation technology available to
    persons and groups suffering from
    trauma and stress. The programme
    focuses especially on those who
    normally cannot access yoga and
    meditation activities.

    Training Cambodians to become teachers
    is one of the core-activities of the

    Classes and other activities
    Kundalini Yoga classes are offered at
    the Kundalini Yoga House at #2
    in Street 123, in a comfortable
    inside practice space.
    Unfortunately we had to abandon the
    rooftop because of air pollution levels
    and construction and traffic noise.

    The Kundalini Yoga programmme
    also offers healing and meditation
    sessions and level 1 Teacher Training.

    Special events, such as Meditation
    Weekends, Full Moon meditations and
    specialised workshops are offered as

    Kundalini Yoga
    Kundalini Yoga is said to be the yoga
    of awareness, and each exercise is to
    deepen the experience of concentration
    and awareness of body and mind.

    Kundalini Yoga is different from other
    styles of yoga on offer in Cambodia as
    it combines breathing, movement,
    mantra and meditation in a continues
    class flow.

    Common yoga asanas are the basis
    for many of the movement exercises.
    Movements, as well as the use of mantra,
    may also be part of breathing exercises
    and meditation.

    Is Kundalini Yoga suitable for you?
    Kundalini Yoga classes are suitable for
    beginners and advanced practitioners.

    Persons with limited exercise experience
    can attend classes, too, but are advised
    to practice slowly and to rest during and
    in between exercises if necessary.

    There are special classes for pregnant
    women, and senior citizens.

    In many cases, also persons with physical  
    disabilities can practice this yoga.

    Outreach Activities
    Over time the Kundalini Yoga Cambodia
    team has been involved in a range of
    outreach activities, with classes in poor
    neighbourhood schools in Phnom Penh,
    and for a small community of children
    living with HIV/Aids just south of the

    The team has also been asked to help
    enrich a number of workshops and group
    activities with breathing, exercise and
    meditation activities.

    The team teaches stress relief classes to
    staff of NGOs and UN organisations. It is
    involved in training school teachers in
    an NGO project for disadvantaged
    children to use yoga and meditation in
    their classes.

    Who is Kundalini Yoga Cambodia?
    At present, the programme is run by a
    small group of Cambodian Kundalini Yoga
    teachers. All teachers are involved in the
    level 1 and level 2 International Teacher
    Certification Programme. The team is
    supported by two international teachers.

    In addition to Kundalini Yoga classes, the
    team offers additional classes for groups
    and individual students, as well as healing

    For more information see: Teachers

    Objectives of the programme in Cambodia
    The aim of the Kundalini Yoga programme is to make Kundalini Yoga accessible to local and
    international practitioners, in particular to Cambodians who would normally not attend or
    have access to yoga and meditation.

    Training young Cambodians to become certified teachers and to build an active community
    of teachers and practitioners are among the core activities of the programme.

    The first Kundalini Yoga activities in Cambodia date back to 2004 when during a few months
    there were classes, small workshops and a project for stress relief focusing at vulnerable
    groups, especially People Living With HIV/Aids.

    In January 2007, regular Sadhanas started on Saturday and Sunday at Nataraj Yoga Centre
    in Phnom Penh. Monthly workshops covered topics such as 'What is Yoga', 'Mind-Meditation-
    Mantra', 'Relationships'; 'Yogic Anatomy', 'Stress Relief', and 'Caring for the Spine'.

    In the second half of 2007, the programme expanded with additional classes on Saturdays
    and Sundays, and on weekdays. Topics for special classes relate to: 'Caring for the spine ...
    dealing with back and neck problems', 'Yoga for Women / Yoga for Men', ‘Healthy Lifestyle’,

    The Kundalini Yoga Team also found a suitable space of its own, and since October 2007
    Teacher Training classes started for the Level 1 International Teacher Certification by the
    Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).

    The programme now offers classes during six days a week, conducted by a team of
    experienced Cambodian and international teachers.

    All Cambodian teachers take part in regional Kundalini Yoga and Meditation training and

    For more information see: Activities  -  Teacher Training

    Supporting the Kundalini Yoga Programme in Cambodia
    The Kundalini Yoga programme in Cambodia, and the costs of running the Kundalini Yoga
    House are to some extent covered by the fees and donations received from classes. A part
    of the expenses, including the support to the Cambodian team members and for scholarships
    to attend the teacher training programme has to be met through donations and

    You can support the Kundalini Yoga Programme in Cambodia by, first of all, participating in
    the activities of the programma, attending classes and joining events. Other ways of support

    - offering one-off or regular financial support for scholarships, translation, operational
     expenses,  and/or the costs of the Kundalini Yoga House.
    - becoming a sponsor of the programme
    - becoming a volunteer to help run the programme and to maintain the House
    - helping with translation
    - support a community teaching programme

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At Kundalini Yoga House
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Also private on appointment


ការកក់ទុកជាមុន និង

Kundalini Yoga House
Street 123, #42, Toul Tom Pong 1,
Phnom Penh.    Phone: 092 429 835
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The Vine Retreat
Kampot, Cambodia

A Kundalini Meditation and Yoga retreat
based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan®.
In this course, we will look at how we react
to, cope with and master our vitality. We
will cultivate the ability to recognize stress
in ourselves and others and develop the
tools to transform it.
We will explore consciousness as the core
of our vitality. We will identify our stressors
and work on healing cold depression and
emotional fatigue.

This retreat will be facilitated by
Tonie Nooyens
International Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer

Participation fee US$ 1500
(including accommodation & food for 8 days/nights,
and local transport)

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