Kundalini Yoga Cambodia

    Kundalini Yoga Teachers at Kundalini Yoga Cambodia

    Seng Sela
    Sela started as a student in the Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes at Aziza School.
    Enjoying the breathing and exercises he started teaching what he learned during leadership
    training weekends of the Aziza programme. Soon he became assistant and translator in the
    classes at Aziza school. Enabling him to teach the techniques correctly and to know to
    benefits and effect was the initial reason to start Basic-Teacher training. He has completed the
    international level 1 Teacher Training and is working on the advanced level 2 Teacher Training.
    Seila also gives Reiki healing.

    Sela now is the coordinator of the Kundalini Yoga Cambodia program and teaches at the
    Kundalini Yoga House. He is also involved in Angkor Yoga Studio teaching yoga in a different
    part of Phnom Penh.

    Ann Sorita
    Sorita joined the Kundalini Yoga Group in July 2007 and is a certified level 1 and level 2
    Kundalini Yoga and Radiant Child Yoga teacher. She teaches public and private Kundalini Yoga
    and Meditation classes in Khmer and English at the Kundalini Yoga House, as well as
    pregnancy and post-natal yoga and kid's classes. She conducts and supports special trainings
    and outreach activities for vulnerable groups and communities. She is also trainer on the
    international level 1 Teacher Certification programme and one of the lead trainers for the
    Basic-Teacher training.
    She provides Reiki and art healing, counseling, and therapeutic classes to students with
    specific physical and mental problems.

    Sorita holds a master degree in psychology. For two years she was the coordinator of the
    Kundalini Yoga Cambodia programme.

    Phon Neary
    Neary started to learn Kundalini Yoga at home and took an interest in teaching pregnancy
    yoga. She completed the Basic-Teacher Training and a Basic-Pregnancy Yoga class. First
    assisting in teaching classes, she enrolled in the level 1 Teacher Training course. She now
    teaches regular classes at the Kundalini Yoga House.

    Neary is involved in outreach activities teaching at Rabbit Schooll at "the Borei", a
    government institution for physically and mentally handicapped children. She also is part of
    the training team for Basic Teacher Training.

        Ret Sophal

    Sophal Ret comes from Tboung Kmom province and she is a medical student in year six at
    the University of Health and Science. She became interested in yoga after experiencing it a
    few times. The moment she started this type of exercise, she found herself more flexible,
    peaceful and relaxed from the tension from her studies and everyday life challenges. She
    found that yoga is not just a series of poses which work on the body only but that it also
    works on the mind.

    Sophal has successfully completed the introductory course for sharing yoga and meditation
    in 2016. She became a yoga teacher at Kundalini Yoga Cambodia after that. She also reaches
    out giving part of her free time to share her yoga and meditation experience, providing yoga
    classes to the kids in a local community project, called Young Leader Centre.

    For Sophal, life is hard to balance without yoga.

    Sao Somaly
    Sao Somaly was born in Kampot province and now is living in Phnom Penh. She runs a small
    business which enables her to work at home.

    Two years ago, Somaly learned about Kundalini Yoga from her sister and started to attend
    the classes twice a week. After some time, she started to experience a lot of changes both
    mentally and physically. Yoga helped her to understand clearly about herself, creating a
    balance, improving the flexibility of her body and strengthening every muscles. Moreover,
    Yoga taught her to improve her breathing habit and to calm her mind. Most importantly, she
    learned to control her anger and eliminate things that are not good for her mental health.
    Also she used to have a lot of difficulties falling asleep, however through yoga breathing
    exercises and mediations she did overcome this struggle.

    Early 2017, Somaly took a very important decision and enrolled for the Basic Yoga and
    Meditation Introductory course to learn more about Yoga and Meditation and to be able to
    share Kundalini Yoga. Now she is become one of the active users and instructors of Kundalini

    Somaly is very grateful and proud to have met this opportunity to share her knowledge of
    Yoga to all the students including family, relatives and friends in her community. Finally,
    Kundalini Yoga has paved her a way that let her out from the darkness toward the brightness
    where she belongs.


    International Teachers

    Tonie Nooyens
    Tonie Nooyens is a long time practitioner
    in different traditions of meditation,
    meditational yoga and healing. He is a
    certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and one of
    the lead trainers on the KRI Asia Teacher
    Training Program. He travels extensively
    throughout Asia.

    Starting together with Hanneke iin
    January 2007, Tonie has been
    facilitating the Kundalini Yoga and
    Meditation training program in Cambodia,
    supporting outreach activities for local
    communities and vulnerable groups in which yoga and meditation techniques are used for
    relief of stress and trauma, as well as for communication and personal capacity training.

    In addition to his support to Kundalini Yoga Cambodia, Tonie facilitates meditation and
    healing, classes for persons with special needs, individual counseling and life-skills coaching.

    Teachers at the Kundalini Yoga House since 2004
    Tonie Nooyens
    Hanneke Meijers
    Ann Sorita
    Yan Vannac                                                       Visiting Teachers
    Sao Kanika                                                         Siri Mukta
    Kim Sovannara                                                  Joan Brookbank
    Chea Socheata                                                  Tien Nghia Nguyen
    Bill Savage
    Gilles Goepfert
    Georgie Treasure
    Mindy Jones
    Kyra Spargo
    Anna Glazkova
    Seng Seila
    Eng Mlis
    Sok Rothana
    Eleanor McCosker
    Anne Mari Voutilanen
    Jane Broecker
    Chey Sophea
    Bieng Pirong
    Anne Giroux   (Pilatus)
    Ann "Hak" Sereyvathana
    Marie Jose Centeno
    Rachael Lowe
    Phon Neary
    Petra Moerchen
    Heang Longdy
    Anna Shekhovtsova
    Ret Sophal
    Soa Somaly
    Odette Bakker   (Zumba)

    Hanneke Meijers

    Hanneke was one of the founders of
    the Kundalini Yoga Cambodia programme
    together with Tonie, her husband. She
    was lead trainer and teacher of the core
    members of the Kundalini Yoga
    Cambodia team. She inspired the
    outreach, Reiki, and Art Healing activities.

    She passed away on 25 March 2010
    after suffering a severe stroke.
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