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    Kundalini Yoga
                                        as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

    Teacher Certification Program

    “If you want to learn something, read about it.  
    If you want to understand something, write about it.  
    If you want to master something, teach it,”      Yogi Bhajan

    KRI Level-1 Teacher Certification is increasingly a worldwide standard for Kundalini Yoga
    Teachers with thousands of teachers being trained in many countries in all continents. In
    many countries certification by the USA-based Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) is accepted
    for professional Kundalini Yoga occupations. Certification is necessary to obtain membership
    in the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association (IKYTA) and the Yoga Alliance, both
    based in the USA.

    In Asia the programme is currently available in Cambodia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore,
    Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.

    The teacher program in Asia is carried out by qualified Teacher Training Groups under the
    coordination of Sunder Singh Khalsa, a certified Teachers Trainer of the Kundalini Research
    Institute with more than 35 years of experience in teaching Kundalini Yoga.

    For Whom
    The KRI Teacher Training Certification Program is open to yoga students interested to
    become Kundalini Yoga teachers, as well as to those who want to immerse themselves in the
    science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

    Training Program Curriculum
    The KRI Level-1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program includes the theory
    and practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The curriculum, includes:
    Kundalini Yoga Postures,
    Pranayama, Mantra, Kriyas, and Meditation;
    The Role of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher;
    Yogic Philosophy & The Roots  of Kundalini Yoga;
    Yogic & Western Anatomy;
    Humanology & Yogic Lifestyle.

    KRI Level 1 Teacher Certification Requirements
    The main requirements for KRI Level 1 Teacher Certification include participation in all 36 class
    sessions; completion of presentation and teaching assignments; fulfillment of a personal yoga
    practice; a passing grade on the KRI written exam. In addition, students have to the
    scheduled early-morning practice sessions (‘sadhana’). In case available in the region,
    attendance of one or more days of White Tantric Yoga are required as well.
    KRI Certification requires agreement with the KRI Code of Ethics for Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

    Course Duration
    The total course duration is at least 220 hours. The program consists of 36 sessions and 18-
    21 Sadhanas taught in three one-week modules. In order to qualify for certification, students
    must complete 30 sessions, and the other requirements.

    The program includes about 180 hours of class sessions (including class presentations,
    teaching and teacher guided Q+A and peer group discussion), 40 hours for assignments,
    homework and preparation; and at least 40 hours for personal yoga practice.

    Course Credits
    The Teacher Certification Programme in Cambodia is the same as KRIAsia Teacher Training
    courses in other countries in Asia.  Classes taken in these countries can be credited to the
    programme in Cambodia

    The Teacher Training Fees include a Registration Fee and an Attendance Fee.

    The fees for the course in Cambodia are:

    Registration Fee:   US$     910
    Attendance Fee:    US$     990      (3x 330)    *)

    Total costs:           US$  1.800     This is excluding the fees for the workshop(s),
                                                       and excluding the costs for travel, lodging & board,
                                                       and/or other workshop expenses (approx US$ 300).

    Payment at the start of the Teacher Training.

    Fees paid are not reimbursable once the first session has been attended.
    Partial Scholarships can be requested by Cambodians (conditions apply).

    Visitors can attend the course.
    Visitor fees per single session: Cambodians US$ 20, Foreigners US$ 30.
                                                      Sadhanas by donation.

       *) One week attendance while registered on a KY Asia Level 1 Teacher Training program
           in a different country:  US$  410

    Class Programme:
    The programme includes:
    Sadhana; Lecture; Asana practice: Kriya and meditation practice; Student presentation and
    teaching; Homework discussion; Question and Answers.

    Location: Kundalini Yoga House, Street 123 #42, Toul Tom Pong 1, Phnom Penh
                                                       near the 'Russian Market'

    Information and registration:
    Kundalini Yoga Cambodia
    phone: +855 92  429 835
    email:  info@KundaliniYogaCambodia.org
    web:   www.KundaliniYogaCambodia.org  
         facebook: KundaliniYogaCambodia