Kundalini Yoga Cambodia

    Kundalini Yoga
                                        as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

    Teacher Certification Program

    “If you want to learn something, read about it.  
    If you want to understand something, write about it.  
    If you want to master something, teach it,”      Yogi Bhajan


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No Courses Scheduled in Cambodia at this moment
    Week 1   Monday -Sunday     
    Week 2   Monday -Sunday   
    Week 3   Monday -Sunday   

    Class Programme:
    The programme of each class includes:
    Sadhana; Lecture; Asana practice: Kriya and meditation practice; Student presentation and
    teaching; Homework discussion; Question and Answers.

    The Teacher Training Fees include a Registration Fee and an Attendance Fee. The fees include
    the Training Manual and the Masters Touch book.

    The fees for the course in Cambodia are:

    Registration Fee:   US$     910
         Attendance Fee:    US$     990      (3x 330)    *)

    Total costs:           US$  1.800  

    The fee is EXCLUDING the fees for attending a regional workshop and White Tantric,
    and excluding the costs for travel, lodging & board, and possible workshop and retreat
    The costs to attend 1-day White Tantric in the region, for example in Australia, China,
    France or USA.

    Full payment of the Registration Fee at the start of the Teacher Training.

    Fees paid are not reimbursable once the first session has been attended.
    Partial Scholarships can be requested by Cambodians (conditions apply).
    Special rate for repeat students
    10% discount on attendance fee in case of payment of the full course fee
    before the start of the course

    Visitors can attend the course.
    Visitor fees per single session: Cambodians US$ 20, Foreigners US$ 30.
                                                      Sadhanas by donation.

        *) One week attendance while registered on a KY Asia Level 1 Teacher Training program
             in a different country:  US$  410

    Location: Kundalini Yoga House, Street 123 #42, Toul Tom Pong 1, Phnom Penh
                                                                                   near the 'Russian Market'

    Information and registration:
    Kundalini Yoga Cambodia
    phone: +855 92  429 835
    email:  info@KundaliniYogaCambodia.org
    web:   www.KundaliniYogaCambodia.org         
         facebook: KundaliniYogaCambodia
Updated:  01-02-2018
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